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Timeslot Search Queries

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Q1. Can anyone explain in a little more detail about the 'Supported Operations' described in the docs here for SlotLiteSe:-

As far as I can tell, there is only one type of query operation that is permitted and this requires you to supply at a minimum the following parameters:-

- start
- healthcareFacility
- healthcareService

(For anyone else reading this, note that these parameters should in camelCase and not begin with Uppercase, so the docs are wrong here!)

I can successfully execute a GET query with those parameters on this endpoint - ' t'.

However, according to the docs, there are some additional 'Supported Queries' but I can't figure these out!
e.g. From the documentation...

Supported Queries

Search [baseURL]/Slot/[start]

Search [baseURL]/Slot/[healthcareFacility]

Search [baseURL]/Slot/[healthcareService]

From the above, it would suggest that I ought to be able to search for Timeslots without having to supply ALL of the parameters. It implies that you can filter for timeslots based only on date criteria alone e.g. [start], or search for all timeslots belonging to a particular healthcareFacility or search for all timeslots matching a particular healthcareService.

However, I can't get any of those operations to work. How should I be interpreting this documentation? Are those operations possible and can anyone supply a working example?

That is my main question here, but if anyone is answering I have a couple of additional small queries:-

Q2. The docs list two optional search parameters:-

- _Profile
- AppointmentId

(Again, I think these should begin with lowercase.)

When I try to supply the `appointmentId` parameter, e.g. 388890 which I know is a valid appointmentId in the system, the query appears to accept it without complaining but it returns 0 results for the total matched. (When I remove that parameter I get around 1500 matches.)

So what is the purpose of having the AppointmentId as part of this search query for timeslots? Is it supposed to return the timeslot resource which has that particular appointment booked into it? Is there a working example of this?

Q3. The docs list the 'Supported Operations' i.e. the HTTP Methods. However they say that the method is 'Search'. I presume they just mean a regular HTTP GET here and not some custom HTTP Search method?

Q4. In the docs, under 'Query Operations' it says this - 'HealthcareFacility, HealthcareService and AppointmentID cannot be found in profile.'. 

Can anyone explain in a little more detail what that means exactly?

Q5. The docs on this page have a healthcareFacility parameter in the search. What exactly is meant by a 'healthcareFacility'? Is that just another way of saying a 'Location' resource ? I don't see anywhere in the docs where it defines such terms.

Thanks for any help you can give!