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'Supported Queries' in the Docs is often confusing!

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I am a little confused by the information given in the docs generally, because often it is not consistent with the API's actual behaviour.

Take for example the docs on this page `` for retrieving a list of Location resources.

In practice, it would seem that the API always requires the 'type' parameter, and this part is clear in the docs. 

Query Operations

Search Parameters

Parameter Format Mandatory Comment
Type code Yes Only "OF" (Outpatient facility) is allowed.

Supported Queries

GET [baseUrl]/Location/[id] (GET)

However, the "Supported Queries" section above would appear to suggest that you can execute a http GET on an endpoint and supply a Location ID, presumably to retrieve just a single location rather than a list.
e.g. `GET [baseUrl]/Location/[id] (GET)` which presumably an example of this would be `` where 18183 is a location ID.

So how does one interpret the Supported Queries spec in the docs, as that as it appears to be in conflict with the mandatory Search Parameters?

This is quite confusing and if it's not possible to execute a Location query for a particular location ID then it would be better that the example given is removed from the Supported Queries section altogether.

It looks like the docs are inconsistent with the actual API and therefore need updated? 

Or perhaps I'm misinterpreting what is meant by [id] in the docs? I presume it's simply a regular ID field, like a single identity/number. Is that wrong?

One other question while on the Location example...

- Why are only 'OF' (Outpatient) types supported in the query? Is this not unnecessarily restrictive? What other 'types' are in the live system that cannot be retrieved as a result?



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Hi Derek,

Thank you for your feedback. We will update the documentation to make it more clear.


Kind regards,

Cambio Innovation