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Sandbox test data is outdated?

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It would appear that at least some of the test data in the Sandbox is outdated. The effect of this is that certain facilities in the FHIR api are not available for experimentation because they may not work with data that is too far back in the past!

According to the Cambio website regarding the test data:-

The COS sandbox contains synthetic, but realistic test data.

We reset the database at regular intervals, since the APIs lets you both read and and write data and thus may get corrupt.

I'm wondering how often the test data is updated or reset?

From what I can tell of the test data that I have been able to retrieve in relation to bookings/appointments it appears to be largely out of date, going back to 2022 at the latest. For example, I have yet to come across an appointment (and by inference time-slot) booked in the future. (Note: I don't obviously have access to the full set of test data so perhaps I've been unlucky in this regard and simply the data I've retrieved so far happens to be outdated!)

If my assumptions are true, this presents a problem when you try to use the Appointment Cancellation or Rebooking facilities, because as far as I can tell, these will fail when you try to cancel or rebook an appointment that is in the past!  As there are no future appointments in the system, you cannot therefore experiment with either of these facilities in the current Sandbox!

For example, when I try to cancel an appointment #381323 it presents this error message:-

    "resourceType": "OperationOutcome",
    "issue": [
            "code": "exception",
            "diagnostics": "Det är för sent att avboka den valda tiden via webbtidbokkontakter. Kontakta din mottagning per telefon."

Also, as it would appear that you cannot create your own time slots (e.g. in the future), and all of the current time-slots in the sandbox appear to be in the past, it would seem that, similarly, you cannot experiment with the AppointmentBookingSe facility to book a brand new appointment either, as it won't let you create an appointment that is in the past!

Note: It's quite possible that I'm mistaken in regard to these facilities, since I'm fairly new to the FHIR api. If so, it would be great if someone could demonstrate some example queries that show how the Appointment and time Slot ops actually work!

Failing that, would it be possible that the test data in the Sandbox is renewed with a selection of time-slots and appointments in the future so that we can experiment and gain experience of the system?

Or, is there a back-end facility that would allow us to create our own time-slot and appointment test data that we can then use with our own queries?


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Hi Derek

We answer you regarding the Appointment API and SlotAPI in previous post. Use should be able to use that endpoint to get future available timeslot.

Generally regarding Testdata, we are working on updating the data