Publicerad: 2018-09-02 | Placering: Stockholm

UX designer

Are you passionate about healthcare? Do you want contribute to the lives of millions?
If your answers to both are true, CDS team, formally known as MIG (Medical Informatics Group) is the right place for you. We develop standards-based, EHR-independent Clinical Decision Support (CDS) applications that aim to accelerate the learning and innovations of healthcare. After initial success in Sweden and Scotland, we anticipate a rapid growth of the operation in the coming years.

What is Clinical Decision Support?
CDS is an area of health information technologies that combines evidence-based knowledge and different kinds of patient data in order to generate and present helpful information to clinicians as care is being delivered.

We are looking for a UX designer to help us reach new heights. Your main responsibilities include the following:
• Developing UX design solutions that are simple, friendly, beautiful, and effective
• Collaborating with the requirement owners, clinical modelers and the development team
• Building strong relationship to the customers for validation and evaluation of the products
• Facilitate communication and collaboration across a multi-disciplinary team in all phases of the project
• Working with different types of user groups, e.g. conducting User Research from initial design workshops to user testing/evaluation of prototypes

• Good writing and oral skills in both English and Swedish
• Excel in working in team-based development
• Experience designing simple, intuitive user interfaces
• Ability to develop mock-ups including wireframes and low/Hi fidelity prototypes
• Ability to break down process flows and analyze complex interactions and roles within a complex healthcare environments
• Self-driven in terms of choosing the right UX methods/ UX tools and softwares
• Health informatics training desirable

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Cambio grundades 1993 och har sedan dess levererat heltäckande IT-lösningar för hälso- och sjukvårdsorganisationer. Idag är Cambio ett e-hälsoföretag, som tillhandahåller smarta, pålitliga och användarvänliga lösningar för att förbättra vård och patientsäkerhet, med en marknadsledande position i Norden och närvaro i Storbritannien vilket inkluderar mer än 100.000 användare. Vi är engagerade i att förbättra hälso- och sjukvården samt patientsäkerheten.
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